North Western Community Church

Resurrection Conference


Today  many  dismiss  Christianity  as  an out-of-date morality system, irrelevant to our  modern  culture.  However,  what many fail to realise is that Christianity is not primarily about ethics, but about a man, Jesus.  The Christian faith is not so much about what he  taught as it is about who  he  was  and  what  he  did.  At  the  centre  of  the  Christian  understanding  of Jesus is the claim that Jesus Christ was raised from the dead.  This  is  perhaps one of the most audacious and extraordinary claims ever made. The dead just  don’t come back to life, do they?  But think of this.   One day you are going to die.  We  believe Jesus was raised from the dead. If it’s true, then the claims of Christianity are as  relevant to you today as they have ever been to anyone.
On Friday 16th – Saturday 17th of Octoer 2015 Northwestern Community Church will be  spending some time exploring this foundational doctrine of the Christian faith. Whether  you’re  a  sceptic  of  these  extraordinay  claims  or a Christian wanting to deepen your  understanding of the Resurrection and what it means we’d love to have you join us.
Main Sessions:
Friday Night: The Gospel of the Resurrection
Saturday Morning: The Fact of the Resurrection
Saturday Night: The Nature of the Resurrection
A children’s program will be available on the Saturday morning
The conference wil cost $30/adult, $20/child (under 15), children under 2 free. Max $100/family. This is to cover  the  cost  of  catered meals and materials.  If the cost is an issue please contact the church and we will.  The conference will begin with a shared dinner on Friday at 6pm.