North Western Community Church

The Cosmic Battle

In 2014 we will be looking at the NT Letter to the Hebrews, and at the OT Prophet, Ezekiel. At the same time I think it is important that we revisit the matter of the Cosmic Battle of Faith, and see the whole of the Biblical Story—and thus of human life—as what has been well described as ‘The Clash of the Kingdoms’. The Rev. Dr. Geoff Bingham’s book of that title will be good foundational and substantial reading, in that area.

We need to see that life is not us drifting, or merely floating along, but that we need to be engaged in the dynamics of Spiritual Life.

This is important, for, as the Apostle Paul says of himself, and his own people: “we are not ignorant of Satan’s devices”. We of the 2014 era, need to be there too!

May the Lord, Risen and Reigning, establish you in his grace, and exhort you to go on, living by grace with a lively, receptive faith.

Trevor Faggotter


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