North Western Community Church


“The greatest element in life is not what occupies most of its time, else sleep would stand high in the scale. Not is it even what engrosses most of its thought, else money would be very high. It is what exerts intrinsically the most power over life. The two or three hours of worship and preaching weekly has perhaps been the greatest single influence on English life. Half an hour of prayer, morning and evening, every day, may be a greater element in shaping our course than all our conduct and all our thought; for it guides them both. And a touch or a blow which falls on the heart in a moment may affect the whole of life in a way that no amount of business or of design can do. Conduct is not the main thing… Look to the faith, and the conduct must come. True faith has all ideal conduct in its heart and, what is more, in its power.
(P. T. Forsyth, Christian Perfection)

P. T. Forsyth is a penetrating thinker, who still speaks today. He was writing, before, during and after World War One (1914-1918). He said to ‘think in centuries’. His work has value 100 years later. 


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