North Western Community Church

O Come Let us Adore Him

O Come Let us Adore him Christ, the Lord

Please Come and join us at Christmas time – (5:30, for 6:30pm) Sunday, and again on Christmas morning, Tuesday 25th at 9am, to worship Christ, the Lord.

God became Man, a human being in the birth of Jesus, at Bethlehem.
God dwelt among us, full of grace and truth, in Jesus life.
God continues to be with us, by the Spirit of God the Father, the Spirit of Jesus——- the Jesus who rose from the tomb, victorious over death for us all. This opens the gift of eternal life, as he forgives our sins, and reconciles us to God, forever.

On Sunday night, this week (December 23, 2012) we are meeting, firstly for a sausage in bread, and an ice-cream, as a gift from us all. Then at 6:30pm we will sing carols, and listen to the Christmas story through Bible readings, to worship Christ the Lord.

We would love for more people to know the joy of the life and accomplishments of Jesus, and for people to learn to put their faith and hope in God, through Jesus Christ, in the power of His Spirit.

You may recall that ‘there was no room’ for Jesus to be born in the inn. He had to be born with the animals, in a cattle feed trough. Sometimes, we feel there is no room for us in this world. Sometimes it seems there s no room for Jesus in the busy lives of people today.
Even so, God is pleased to dwell among us, and come simply and humbly into our lot in life.

God is with us, amidst all our sadness. And in our joy.
God is with us, amidst our evil, and our noble living.
God came in Jesus Christ to save sinners, even the worst of sinners.
God is Good all the time, even amidst his judgments.
God has a plan to redeem the creation – an amazing gift indeed.
God is love, and in his love he has given Jesus to bear our sins all away.
God is light, and in him is no darkness at all. Truth is his gift to humanity, too.

Come and join us, and worship Christ, the Lord of life, death and all things.
Come and reflect on that simple event in Bethlehem – simple yet profound, monumental.
Come let us Adore him Christ, the Lord.



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